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"Cage Dies Bird Flies" - documentation of performances at the {Re}HAPPENING, 2014


Ben Miller and I presented the debut performance of "Cage Dies Bird Flies" in April 2014 at the {Re}HAPPENING, held at the campus of the old Black Mountain College near Asheville, North Carolina. The site we were assigned for our performance was a boathouse next to lake Eden. I made four large paintings to wrap around the boathouse structure to create a stage.

Over the course of three hours we performed more than 35 of the "Cage Dies" texts. Images of the four large paintings and sample photos are given below.

Visit the "Cage Dies Bird Flies" Youtube channel to see more of the {Re}HAPPENING performances, as well as examples of our "Cage Dies - Field Recordings."

Cage Dies Bird Flies Youtube channel

Stage paintings
Sample performances
{Re}HAPPENING photos