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"Cage Dies Bird Flies"
Multi-phase collaborative work, 2010 - present


“Cage Dies Bird Flies” is an ongoing, multi-phase collaboration with writer Ben Miller. The project consists of cycles of paintings, performances, recordings and publications. The visual art in each phase of the project will present imagery inspired by Miller’s texts. The melding of word and image is an important feature, and continues my lifelong interest in combining these two disciplines.

We have come to view the painted words as musical score, the imagery as characterization and stage direction. Neither Ben Miller nor I have a background in the performing arts. The homespun nature of the act exposes the emotional world that percolates beneath the images/texts. We consider the project an opportunity for vigorous artistic and literary experimentation, resulting in a wide range of works suitable for art world venues and county fairs.

Ben Miller's bio.


"Cage Dies Bird Flies—Phase 1—81 paintings"


"Cage Dies Bird Flies—Phase 1," large paintings
and performance at the {Re}HAPPENING, April 2014


"CDBF-Showers of Laughter and Tears," performance at the Vanderbilt Republic's Gowanus Loft, Brooklyn, NY, March 2015


"Cage Dies Bird Flies—Phase 2"
(currently in progress)