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Cage Dies Bird Flies
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"Cage Dies Bird Flies" - stage photos
A selection of photos from the {Re}HAPPENING, Black Mountain College, North Carolina,
April 5, 2014

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The original {Re}HAPPENING proposal entailed an installation of selected "Cage Dies" paintings that would serve as stage for a performance. Ben Miller and I would paddle to the exhibition site across a lake in a canoe, sing antic renditions of the words in the paintings, noisily run back to the canoe, and return to the other side of the lake. When we were assigned a lakeside boathouse as our performance area - not conducive to the display of artworks on paper - our project changed.

I created four 9' X 12' paintings, executed on painter's drop cloths in black acryilc paint, that each combined two of the original "Cage Dies" artworks. The large paintings were lashed to the posts surrounding the boathouse creating a central stage area. The performance lasted the entire evening: a new word-picture was performed every five minutes from just before 9:00 pm until midnight.