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"CDBF - Showers of Laughter and Tears," performance in conjunction with exhibition


In March 2015 I exhibited the entire suite of 81 paintings from "Cage Dies Bird Flies - phase 1" at the Vanderbilt Republic's Gowanus Loft in Brooklyn, NY. At the opening, Ben Miller and I presented "Showers of Laughter and Tears." The painted canvas tarps that created our stage at the {Re}HAPPENING in North Carolina were used to create two ready-rooms, located on opposite sides of the loft, from which we launched our show. Below are selected photos of our 50-minute performance.

Video to come - please check back.

Why don any outfit
Melted glacier stubbornly reconstitutes overnight
Ted Talk: Beware of grass
No eating the floor

Cloned teddy bear won't hug

Performance photos (click to view)