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"America Now Suite"
A suite of five works that engage American history


The America Now Suite is a re-visioning and reclamation of American history composed of five separate but related parts:

- "Awareness Day Portraits" is a group of 49 portraits of figures from American history and culture who have inspired me as citizen and artist.

- "Edward Hicks's Peaceable Kingdom" pays homage to an inconic painting by the early American artist. In our current political/social climate the peaceful coexistence of natural enemies feels like a never-to-be-regained ideal.

- "The Spirit of Manifest Humility" is critique and lament. It re-imagines a popular mid-19th century American popular print called "American Progress" or "The Spirit of Manifest Destiny."

- "Democratic Vistas - wordscapes" is offered in the spirit of Walt Whitman's late work of the same name.

- And lastly and largely, the mural , "A Panoramic Fantasia of American History Centered on the Untimely Death of Robert F. Kennedy."

A Panoramic Fantasia of American History

Edward Hicks's Peaceable Kingdom

The Spirit of Manifest Humility

Awareness Day Portraits

Democratic Vistas - wordscapes