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Books have been an essential, but not consistent, part of my art practice. The combination of text with drawing lends the images both philosophical voice and lyric plaint. Text is a transgression of image, and vice versa. In all of the books I have made the text arises out of the process of developing the drawings, and I have entertained the conceit that it is the voice of the drawings themselves that I am recording. In some books I have used text that exists beforehand, from notebooks or odd scraps of notes, or sometimes written in rumination away from the work itself. But the impulse is ever the same: to achieve answers to the questions and discomfit that undergird the necessity of art. Many of the books are made in tandem with paintings.


"Fields of Sorrow" "Mercy Street 2/Area Code 911" "Mercy Street 1"
"Losers Chorus" "Footnotes for Attis" "Forget No One"
"Figures of Light and Darkness" "Peace to the Beast" "Miracles"
"Figure Studies" "Red Zone"