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"Street Drawings"
Selected images; each drawing chalk on paper, 10" x 20", 2017.

During most of 2017 I did not have a studio. The work I made from January through September was created in the streets. I decided I would make the same sort of drawing I might make in the studio, but I would do it in the urban landscape. All of the drawings were diptychs: a panel of imagery was juxtaposed with a panel of writing. The writings that accompanied the drawings were spontaneous on-the-spot efforts to decode the drift of imagery, sometimes a record of things I heard around me while working, and sometimes incomprehensible bubbling up of language - an effort of the images to speak.

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"Courbet's Trout"


"Fulfilled Mercy"


"Awash Without a Button and No Reasons"


"One Word Will Make It All New"


"It's Something Else"


"The Sick Rose"


"Catapultz and Clover"


"Owl of Grace"




"The Ample Star"


"Power Feather"


"112 7th Avenue"