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Series of 12 drawings, 2002


"Paradise" began as a response to the publication of the Pentagon's "Nuclear Posture Review." When I first heard of that document at the end of 2001, the rubble from the World Trade Center had not yet been cleared. The Pentagon's paper seemed to me like a call to arms for the world, to sovereign states and non-state terrorists alike. If we were going to make public our intent of using limited nuclear arms in warfare, and also that we were going to go ahead and develop bunker-busting missiles with nuclear warheads, there seemed to me a 50-50 chance that the response to this may not be that those elements at large in the world intent on our destruction, or those nations that offered a haven to such elements, would from then on feel fearful less they incur our wrath, but may, contrary to the Pentagon's purpose, inspire them to develop their own means/tactics of annihilation.

That same winter President Bush named the "axis of evil" in his state of the union address. It was at this time that I began to see that our collective fear had trumped our grief over the losses of 9/11, and that this country would follow a foreign policy that ran the risk of endangering its citizens, not protecting them. The announcement of these dangerous policies were the background to the drawings.

All drawings are untitled. Text that appears in each drawing is included on the webpage for that drawing.