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"Losers Chorus"
acrylic and collage elements on paper, 8 panels, 105" X 156"
each panel, 51" X 50", 1999


This series was originally conceived as a large book to be spread out across a wall. There were two other paintings in that original grouping: a title page and an afterword, both executed in the same material and in same scale as the rest of the paintings. At the risk of plunging the painting into illustration I wanted to make the characters more real by providing each with their own story. Those stories are contained in a book--called "Losers Chorus Book"--that accompanied the group of paintings. I have placed the text that corresponded to each image below the related painting. Some of the stories are purely fictional, some autobiographical. The title for this group of paintings owes a debt to an album from 1970 by the jazz artist Archie Shepp called "For Losers.".

"Our Lady of the Storm Drain" "Trainman" "Bluebird"
"Pip" "President Clinton and the Sans-culotte" "Bodhisattva of Infinite Composure"
studio installation view